Eco-inject is a two-step, single-use autoinjector platform, for both 1 ml and 2.25 ml pre-filled syringes (PFS) in a single device configuration.

It pioneers a step change in autoinjector technology, drawing on a 'first principles' design approach, striving for sustainability and elegance while also reducing cost of goods.

Eco-inject is the first product of its kind to be both Ecofriendly and Economical.

Industry Needs

Eco-inject is specifically designed to meet the needs of a growing market, combining environmental sustainability with cost reduction.

Eco-inject Platform:
Reduced plastic waste
100% bio-based polymers
Lower cost
Intuitive usability
Eco-inject Platform

Eco-inject is customisable to your brand colours and graphics. It is compatible with both 1 ml and 2.25 ml PFS and a large range of viscosities.

Energy and cost savings are achieved at every level, including reduced number of device components, simplified sub-assembly and final product assembly with PFS.

Pilot production devices are available, for handling assessment and evaluation, on request.

Net-Zero Targets

The market for single use autoinjectors is growing rapidly and pharmaceutical companies are under increasing pressure to fulfil pledges to achieve Net-Zero, many by 2030.

Eco-inject offers a solution that will cost-effectively enable this market to continue to expand and also addresses these environmental commitments.

Our Mission

Driving down the environmental and financial cost of single use autoinjectors.

User Needs

Single use autoinjectors provide the easiest and most user-friendly option for self-injection at home, saving time and travel for users and clinicians.

Innovative Design

Implementing a novel 'Latch & Release' mechanism improves manufacturing efficiency, reduces component count, enables bio-based plastic use and reduces cost at the same time as maintaining an optimal user experience.

Holistic Thinking

Energy and financial costs reduced at every step of production, from polymer production & assembly through to waste disposal.